Travelling with CPAP -- The Ultimate Guide

Living with sleep apnea means you have to use your CPAP machine daily in order to enjoy a quality sleep. For many CPAP users the idea of travelling sounds very difficult, cause they have to carry all CPAP equipment and worry about power source and cleaning.

Using your CPAP equipment daily is crucial for a healthy and rechargeable sleep, so leaving your CPAP equipment at home even for a short trip is not a choice. We hope below tips will show you that travelling with CPAP is much easier as you may thinking.

Travelling with CPAP is all about Planning

Whether you travelling for business or fun, below we will discuss the most useful things you need when planning to travel with your CPAP equipment.

  1. CPAP Machine
  2. Packaging your CPAP equipment
  3. Power Adapters
  4. Power Backups
  5. Airplane / Road Travel
  6. CPAP therapy Supplies

CPAP Machine

Although the most new models from the top brands are quiet small and come with hard cases which make travelling with them easier, if you travel a lot it may be worth the money to purchase a travel specific CPAP machine. Travel CPAP machines are very convenient to travel with, without loosing in power and features compared with their big brothers.

Packaging your CPAP equipment

Pay attention when packaging your CPAP equipment especially if you own a CPAP humidifier. Make sure your humidifier is empty and dry to prevent potential damages to your equipment and other luggage. Navigate to CPAP travel cases here.

CPAP Power Adapters

CPAP machines come with power supplies that can adapt to various voltage. This means that international travel is not a problem, just make sure you are equipped with the proper adaptors and plugs

CPAP Power Backups

If you like camping in the nature and worrying about power supplies, you should consider buying a CPAP battery. Batteries will ensure you enjoy your CPAP therapy when power supply is not available or when a power outage occurred.

Airplane / Road Travel with CPAP

CPAP machines are considered medical devices and meet the FAA regulations to use over flight. If you're flying overnight, or plan on sleeping during the flight and will be using your CPAP on the plane, check to make sure that your seat on the plane has power outlets.

In case you travel with a camp trailer, you should also consider buying a car power adapter, to power up your CPAP machine.

CPAP Therapy Supplies

When you travel with your CPAP make sure you take some extra CPAP supplies with you. Mask cushions are top priority since you never know when a sensitive cushion will fail.

Lastly never forget cleaning solutions. Cleaning your CPAP equipment is crucial in order to enjoy excellent mask sealing and an overall effective CPAP therapy.

CPAP Mask Wipes Travel Package Citrus Scented

Following the above tips we hope you will enjoy your next trip and vacation, alongside with an effective CPAP therapy. Stop compromising and enjoy your CPAP therapy Everywhere!