Spring Allergies & CPAP Use

Spring Allergies & CPAP Use

Spring is Here and Allergies Too!!

Using your CPAP may be difficult for users who suffering from Allergies. Follow below Tips in order to enjoy an effective CPAP therapy with maximum comfort during Spring Allergies.

Get Your CPAP Ready for Spring Allergies

Get your CPAP equipment ready to take advantage of your CPAP therapy with Spring Allergies.

  1. Keep your CPAP Clean
  2. Add Humidification
  3. Use Hypoallergic Filters
  4. Use a Full Face CPAP mask

1. Keep your CPAP Supplies Clean

Clean your CPAP machine and supplies regularly. Your equipment can collect dust, mold, and bacteria over time, causing allergens to build up. Knock them out by sanitizing your CPAP mask and tubing. Speed up the process by using a SoClean to instantly sanitize your CPAP supplies.

# TOP CPAP Cleaning Solutions

2. Add Humidification

Most CPAP machines nowadays come with built-in or an integrated heated humidifier.

Use a CPAP Humidifier. They add moisture to the air and play a key role in breaking up congestion and heated humidifiers can relieve nasal discomfort due to dryness. Contact your doctor about your seasonal allergies to discover the correct CPAP humidifier settings and change the distilled water daily.

# Integrated Heated Humidifiers

3. Use Hypoallergic Filters

Change your CPAP machine’s filter at least once a month and use hypoallergenic filters. This is imperative for seasonal allergy sufferers. Airborne particles, such as pollen, dust and spores can get into your CPAP machine. The filters are designed to clear these elements from the air that is directed into the machine and ultimately to your lungs.

# CPAP Machine Filters

4. Use a Full Face CPAP Mask

AirFit F10 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

When all else fails, invest in a full face mask. If you’re using a nasal mask and you’re congested, swap out your nasal mask for one that covers your nose and mouth. A full face mask will allow you to breathe through your mouth and continue your CPAP treatment.

# Top Full Face CPAP Masks

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