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50W Solar Panel for Pilot-12/24 Lite


Enjoy travelling and camping to most inaccessible places, without worrying of power your CPAP machine! With 50W Solar Panel by Medistrom you can charge your Pilot-12/24 Lite CPAP Battery Everywhere!

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50W Solar Panel for Pilot-12/24 Lite, Medistrom

Charge your Pilot-12 Lite and Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Battery using Solar Power!

Take advantage of your CPAP therapy everywhere and enjoy your favorite outdoor travelling and free camping activities!

Charges time varies based on weather and available sunlight. In order to optimize charging time, please make sure to place the Solar Panel directly to sunlight.

Please Remember, this device is designed only for charging. Do not be used in the backup power supply configuration!

CAUTION! Make sure the battery is NOT connected to a PAP device while charging via solar panel!

Additional information

Weight 1,27 kg


What is Included:
  • Medistrom 50W Solar Panel for Pilot-12 Lite and Pilot-24 Lite
  • Charging Cable for Medistrom Pilot Lite

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