AirSense 11 Hypoallergenic Filter


AirSense 11 Hypoallergenic Filter is an indispensable accessory for individuals seeking cleaner, purer air and enhanced allergen protection during CPAP therapy. With its advanced filtration technology, hypoallergenic material, and durable construction, this filter ensures a safer, more comfortable, and more effective CPAP therapy experience for users with allergies or sensitive respiratory systems.

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AirSense 11 Hypoallergenic Filter, ResMed


  • Allergen Protection: The AirSense 11 Hypoallergenic Filter provides superior protection against airborne allergens, ensuring cleaner and purer air for your CPAP therapy.
  • Reduced Allergy Symptoms: By filtering out dust, pollen, and other allergens, this filter helps reduce allergy symptoms and respiratory irritation, allowing you to breathe more comfortably during sleep.
  • Safer and Healthier Air: The hypoallergenic properties of this filter make it suitable for individuals with sensitive respiratory systems or allergies, providing a safer and healthier CPAP therapy experience.
  • Enhanced Comfort: With its advanced filtration technology and hypoallergenic material, this filter helps create a more comfortable sleep environment, allowing you to enjoy restful and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

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