CPAP Mask Headgear Strap Cover


Crafted from soft, breathable materials, CPAP Mask Headgear Strap Cover adds a layer of cushioning to the headgear straps of your CPAP mask, ensuring a gentler and more comfortable fit throughout the night.

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CPAP Mask Headgear Strap Cover

Elevate your CPAP therapy experience with our CPAP Mask Headgear Strap Cover, a thoughtfully designed accessory aimed at enhancing comfort during sleep apnea treatment.

CPAP Mask Headgear Strap Cover features:

Comfort: Our headgear strap cover is made from soft, fleece fabric, providing a soft and cozy touch against the skin. Say goodbye to irritation and pressure marks caused by standard headgear straps.

Moisture-Wicking Technology: Experience a dry and comfortable sleep environment. The strap cover incorporates moisture-wicking properties, effectively managing perspiration and preventing discomfort caused by damp straps.

Easy Installation: The cover is designed for hassle-free installation on most CPAP mask headgear straps. Simply slide it onto the straps, securing a comfortable and snug fit.

Hygienic Barrier: Maintain cleanliness and hygiene. The strap cover acts as a protective barrier between your skin and the headgear straps, contributing to a more sanitary CPAP experience.

Machine Washable: Keep your CPAP equipment fresh and clean. The strap cover is machine washable, allowing for easy maintenance and reuse.

Compatibility CPAP Masks:

  • ResMed Masks
  • Philips Respironcs Mask
  • Fisher & Paykel Masks

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