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CPAP Tube Lift


The Best in Rest Hose Lift is a support system that elevates and securely holds the CPAP hose allowing the user to move freely and achieve a night of more comfortable sleep. No assembly is required.

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Hose Lift Support System, Best in Rest

The Hose lift will hold the tube on top of your head, allowing you to easily achieve all sleep positions without disturbing you during winter. It will prevent water from dropping to the mask due to the temperature difference between the humidifier and the room.

Product Features:

  • It incorporates a secure adjustable arm that smoothly moves and extends the tube with the user’s movement to avoid pulling or tugging the hose.
  • The extendable rod also combines flexibility to adapt to the shape of the space needed for the user’s convenience and comfort.
  • The aluminum telescopic rod can be extended and retracted, allowing the user to adjust the height of the hose lift easily.
  • A sleek, sturdy base with a thick, non-slip silicone lining ensures a firm grip. It can be adjusted to clamp surfaces from 0.63cm to 8.255cm.
  • The Hose lift comes fully assembled. Quick disassembly allows for easy and convenient storage. Adjust to your ideal size and position.
  • No assembly is required.

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