Philips Respironics DreamStaion Go Auto Travel CPAP machine
Philips Respironics DreamStaion Go Auto Travel CPAP machine
Philips Respironics DreamStaion Go Auto Travel CPAP machine
Philips Respironics DreamStaion Go Auto Travel CPAP machine
Philips Respironics DreamStaion Go Auto Travel CPAP machine
Philips Respironics DreamStaion Go Auto Travel CPAP machine

DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine

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Philips Respironics announced a voluntary recall for Continuous and Non-Continuous Ventilators (certain CPAP, BiLevel PAP and Ventilator Devices) due to two issues related to the polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) sound abatement foam used in these devices. For information on the Recall Notice, a complete list of impacted products, and potential health risks, visit

While works with Philips Respironics to address affected inventory that may be part of this voluntary recall, we have temporarily disabled this product. If you are interested in a similar machine, please consider the AirMini AutoSet travel CPAP.


DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine is a small size, auto-adjusting, CPAP machine by Philips Respironics. Due to its small size is ideal to travel and at the same time is equipped with many features that can easily make it the ultimate home unit.


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DreamStation Go Overnight Battery

DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier

DreamStation Go Medium Travel Kit

DreamStation Go Small Travel Kit

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DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine, Philips Respironics

Philips Respironics designed the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine having in mind all of you that travelling is part of your life. We cannot accept any discounts to a restful quality sleep, so Philips Respironics equipped DreamStation Go with the power and therapy comfort of its bigger brother, DreamStation Auto CPAP machine, and added some features in order to take it easily everywhere with you!

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine features

Built-in Bluetooth

DreamStation Go comes with a built in Bluetooth in order to connect your CPAP with your mobile device. DreamMapper app available for both Android and Apple devices, monitors all the critical parameters of your therapy, like AHI, leak, and total therapy time. If you do not have a compatible smart device, you can instead insert a MicroSD card (not included) which can be used to transfer data to a computer and connect to the DreamMapper website. DreamMapper is not available in all countries.

Full Color Touchscreen

Philips Respironics equipped this state of the art Auto CPAP machine with a very easy to use menu, and a colored touchscreen in order to easy navigate to the menu and make your desired settings.

Micro Tubing

While in CPAP tubing world “slim” means 15mm, DreamStation Go comes with a 12mm tube! Its small diameter makes packing a piece of cake, and traveling with your CPAP a lot easier. The micro tube is compatible with any CPAP mask, and of course DreamStation Go can accept 15mm and 22mm with no adapter! The only thing you have to do is to set up the different diameter in the CPAP menu.

Flex Pressure Relief

With Flex Pressure Relief Philips Respironics provides a more natural breathing experience during CPAP therapy. DreamStation Go decreases pressure during exhalation so you don’t have to fight against the machine to exhale. Flex Pressure Relief adds extra comfort and help you stick with your therapy, while the same time provides a restful sleep with no disruptions.

USB Port

Its time to relax and fall asleep, need to charge your phone or tablet, but there is only one power outlet available? Connect your DreamStation Go! Your DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine have a USB outlet so you can easily connect and charge any USB device you want.

Compatible with Any CPAP Mask

DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine is compatible with all CPAP masks available in the market with no adapter or special set up requirements! You don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues with your favorite CPAP mask.

Full Automated

Respironics DreamStation Go is a full automated CPAP machine. Not only will adjust therapy pressure to your needs, but combined with the integrated heated humidifier* will calculate the best heat and moisture levels for your therapy air, maximizing therapy comfort and experience.

*DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier (Sold Separately)

CPAP therapy may dry out your sinuses, mouth and throat making you feel uncomfortable. Add extra comfort to your therapy with the DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier. As the machine is travel-friendly, Respironics designed it to work with bottle or even tap water! Enjoy your flight with no worries about distilled water and liquid restrictions! DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier weights less than 500 grammars and you can easily take it with you with the Medium Travel Kit.

DreamStation Go Overnight Battery (Sold Separately)

DreamStation Go Overnight Battery can power up your DreamStation Go for one night. Is FAA compliant so you can take it with you in your flights. Please note that the battery cannot be used with DreamStation Go Humidifier.

DreamStation Go Medium Travel Kit (Sold Separately)

Organize and protect your DreamStation Go so you can easily travel with it with this Hardshell Protective Case from Philips Respironics. Medium Travel Kit have enough space to accommodate DreamStation Go Auto CPAP, accessories and DreamStation Go Humidifier or DreamStation Go Overnight Battery.

DreamStation Go Small Travel Kit (Sold Separately)

DreamStation Go Small Travel Kit consists of a hardshell case to protect your DreamStation Go Auto CPAP machine when traveling and a washable bag for your CPAP mask and tubes.


What is included:
  • DreamStation GO Travel auto CPAP
  • DreamStation GO 12mm Micro-Flex tube
  • Disposable Filter
  • User Manual in Spanish, English
  • Power Cable
DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine Technical Specs:

AC input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz Class II, DC output 24V 3.75A
Pressure Level: 4 cmH2O to 20 cmH2O
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 6 cm
Sound: 26.6 dBA ISO 17510-1:2007, 34.6 dBA ISO 17510-1:2007
Water Capacity: 380ml
Aircraft use: Meet the FAA regulations
FAA Approved

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