Halo Chin Strap


Halo Chin Strap helps to keep the mouth closed during sleep, preventing air from escaping through the mouth and ensuring that the CPAP therapy remains effective.

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Halo Chin Strap

Using a chin strap for CPAP therapy can offer several benefits, especially for individuals who tend to breathe through their mouths during sleep.

Halo Chin Strap features:

Maintaining Effective CPAP Therapy: The primary purpose of a chin strap is to help keep the mouth closed during sleep. This is important because CPAP therapy relies on a continuous and pressurized flow of air to keep the airways open. If you breathe through your mouth, the CPAP machine’s effectiveness may be compromised.

Preventing Air Leaks: When air escapes through the mouth instead of going through the nose, it can lead to air leaks. Using a chin strap helps minimize these leaks, ensuring that the prescribed pressure reaches the airways and maintains the effectiveness of the therapy.

Reducing Dry Mouth: Breathing through the mouth can contribute to dry mouth and throat. A chin strap can help encourage breathing through the nose, potentially reducing issues related to dryness and discomfort.

Enhancing Comfort: For some individuals, using a chin strap can make wearing the CPAP mask more comfortable. It helps in keeping the mask securely in place, preventing it from shifting during the night.

Improving Compliance: Enhanced comfort and reduced air leaks may contribute to better adherence to CPAP therapy. If the therapy is more comfortable and effective, individuals are more likely to use their CPAP machines consistently, leading to better overall health outcomes.

Minimizing Snoring: While not the primary purpose, some people find that using a chin strap can help reduce snoring by encouraging nasal breathing and maintaining a more stable airway.

Chin Straps are designed to wear with Nasal and Pillow CPAP masks.

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