Hose Buddy Systems Travel
Hose Buddy Systems Travel

Hose Buddy Systems Travel


Enjoy a restful sleep without fighting against your CPAP hose! Avoid any tube tangling with Hose Buddy Systems Travel

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Hose Buddy Systems Travel

Forget any annoying fights with your CPAP hose, stop rolling over it, and enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep with Hose Buddy Systems Travel. 

Traveling with your CPAP is now easier, as your hose will always stay in place.

Due to its compact design and made of lightweight metal, it fits into a convenient travel case, so you can take it with you. Hose Buddy Systems Travel consists only from three parts so it can easily assemble and disassemble when is needed.

The Travel Buddy weighs approximately 0.7 kg and is adjustable up to 77 cm.

Placing the Travel Buddy

Just insert the stand under your mattress. While its recommended use is to raise your CPAP hose directly over your head, you can also place the hose at the top side of the bed.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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