AirSense 11 Humidifier Water Chamber
AirSense 11 Humidifier Water Chamber

HumidAir 11 Water Chamber for AirSense 11


Water Chamber Replacement for the HumidAir Humidifier of AirSense 11 by ResMed. The Chamber does open for wash and has a Water Level Indicator.

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HumidAir 11 Water Chamber for AirSense 11, ResMed

The HumidAir 11 Water Chamber for AirSense 11 is a removable accessory for AirSense 11.

ResMed HumidAir 11 Water Chamber for AirSense 11, features:

  • The water chamber is made of durable components. The AirSense 11 Water Chamber is created with injection-moulded plastic, stainless steel, and a silicone seal. The product has a maximum capacity of 380 mL and a 90-day warranty.
  • Use Distilled Water for best humidification results. The water chamber should be wiped thoroughly with a clean disposable cloth each day and dried away from direct sunlight to achieve the best humidification results during sleep apnea treatment.
  • If you notice leaks or cracks along the Water Chamber, you should replace them immediately. Otherwise, To prevent those cases and damage to the machine, you can use the Humidifier Set function to set a recurring notification to remind you to replace the water tub.
  • Maintain Excellent Humidification Output: Avoid Using Oils or Perfumes. Certain additives like scented oils and perfumes may cause premature deterioration of the tub materials and can reduce the humidification output of your equipment.
  • Additionally, the device should not be placed on its side or overfilled, as these practices can lead to a reduced motor life or the potential of water entering the tubing.

Product Includes:

  • One Water Chamber for AirSense 11

Product Warranty:

  • Three months – review your user manual for more information

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