HumidX F20 Waterless Filter for AirMini


HumidX F20 Waterless Filter by ResMed is designed to provide waterless humidification, ideally for portable solution. Compatible with AirMini F20 Mask Pack

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HumidX F20 Waterless Filter for AirMini Travel CPAP Machine, ResMed

HumidX F20 Waterless Filter provide extra comfort to your CPAP therapy by adding moisture and heat in the air you breathe.

HumidX F20 Waterless Filter is designed to offer a standard amount of moisture to the therapy in most climates.

HumidX is very easy to assemble. Just insert it directly between the mask connector and the vent.

Remember to replace your HumidX Humidification unit every 30 days.


NOTE: The HumidX F20 filter is compatible only with AirFit F20 mask setup designed for AirMini.

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