M4 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor
M4 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor

M4 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor


M4 Intelli IT is a clinically validated Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron, that guarantee clinical accuracy results from the comfort of your home. It automatically transfers your results to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and let’s you keep track of them.

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M4 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor, Omron

Omron M4 Intelli IT is a full automatic clinically validated blood pressure monitor, that makes it easy to keep track of your hypertension at home.

It comes with a set of useful technology features, such as Intelli Wrap Cuff which gives accurate blood pressure measurements in any position around the upper arm and will notify you as you measure if you have correctly fastened the cuff.

Intelli Wrap Cuff is also equipped with a wrap guide and a movement sensor so it will notify you if you have over-tighten the cuff, or if there is too much movement during measurement, in order to avoid inaccurate blood pressure readings.

You can easily track and monitor your blood pressure readings, store all your results on your smartphone with Omron Connect App. Results are automatically updated to the app, as M4 Intelli IT is Bluetooth enabled.

The device is part of Omron Smart Ecosystem. Omron Connect App links Omron’s smart blood pressure monitors with VIVA the smart body Composition Monitor, providing an holistic overview of what effects your heart’s health.

Omron M4 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor features: 

  • Intelli-Sense technology – takes into account the individual characteristics of each user
  • Hard cuff Intelli Wrap for 360 ° measurement accuracy in any position around the arm (size 22-42 cm)
  • Indicator for correctly placed cuff
  • Body movement indicator
  • Scale and indicators for blood pressure level
  • Irregular Heartbeat detection
  • Function for averaging the last 3 measurements
  • BLUETOOTH connection to your mobile device via the OMRON CONNECT application
  • Memory 2×60 measurements (for two users with time and date)
  • Clinical Validation, Diabetic Validation, Pregnancy Validation


What is included:
  • M4 Intelli IT blood pressure monitor
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff (22-42cm)
  • Instruction manual 1 and 2
  • Setup Instructions
  • Batteries and Storage Case
Omron M4 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor Technical Specs:
  • Device Type: Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Connected: Yes
  • Cuff Type: Intelli Wrap Cuff 22–42 cm
  • Memory: 2 Users x 60 Readings
  • Cuff Wrap Guide: Yes
  • Easy High Blood Pressure Colour Indicator: Yes
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Yes
  • Body Movement Detection: Yes
  • Storage Case Included: Yes
  • Validation: Clinical Validation, Diabetic Validation, Pregnancy Validation
  • Intellisense Technology: Yes
  • Stroke Prevention: Yes
  • Consumer or Professional: Consumer
  • Length (cm): 10.50
  • Height (cm): 8.50
  • Depth (cm): 15.20
  • Sales Package Weight (g): 340.00

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