Nasal CPAP Mask Fabric Liners


Nasal CPAP Mask Fabric Liners are specially crafted accessories designed to provide an additional layer of comfort and hygiene for individuals using nasal CPAP masks during sleep therapy.

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Nasal CPAP Mask Fabric Liners

Nasal CPAP are made from soft and breathable fabric materials, providing a barrier between the mask and the skin. They are reusable, washable liners for long-term use.

Nasal CPAP Mask Fabric Liners features:

Soft and Breathable Material: Nasal CPAP mask fabric liners are made from a soft and breathable fabric, ensuring a comfortable feel against the skin.
Moisture-Wicking: Nasal fabric liners have moisture-wicking properties, which helps absorb sweat and moisture, reducing the risk of skin irritation.
Reduced Skin Contact: By providing a layer between the mask and the skin, fabric liners aim to reduce direct contact, minimizing the chances of redness or pressure sores.
Reusable & Washable: Our Nasal CPAP mask fabric liners are reusable and washable for long-term use. Regular cleaning and maintenance of mask liners can help prevent the buildup of oils, dirt, and bacteria, which is important for overall health and mask longevity.

Compatibility CPAP Masks:

  • ResMed Nasal Masks
  • Philips – Respironics Nasal Masks
  • Fisher & Paykel Nasal Masks

Not Compatible with:

  • Hybrid Full Face CPAP Masks
  • Full Face CPAP masks
  • Pillows CPAP Masks
  • Total Face CPAP Masks

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