Prisma 25ST BiLevel Machine

Prisma 25ST BiLevel Machine

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Prisma 25ST BiLevel Machine of Löwenstein Medical contains intelligent solutions and offers convenience therapy management through its touch screen and accelerate user operation for pressure regulation and operates quietly even at high inspiration pressures. In addition to a broad pressure range and apnea differentiation by means of FOT, the device has process and comfort supporting features to deliver effective, safe and comfortable BiLevel-S therapy.

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PrismaAQUA Humidifier

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Prisma 25ST BiLevel Machine, Löwenstein Medical

Prisma 25ST BiLevel machine with back Rate (BPM) indented to use for non-invasive patients who have their breathing pattern. BiLevel machines work by switching between the two air pressures in response to your breathing. This is known as spontaneous BiLevel for more complicated pulmonary disorders patients like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, etc.

Please note this product requires a valid prescription and must be follow-up by a physician.

Löwenstein Medical Prisma 25ST BiLevel Machine features:

  • Touch Screen
  • Many possibilities: Broad pressure range (4 – 25 hPa) and several adjustable parameters for greater flexibility in therapy settings
  • Precise: Identification of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea and flow limitation
  • Proven: Optional TRILevel pressure curve and auto CPAP regulation
  • Reliable: Apnea differentiation with FOT (Forced Oscillation Technique)
  • For natural breathing: Optional auto-trigger (Trigger IN)
  • High-resolution data for 14 days and detailed statistics for 366 Days

Package Including:

  • Prisma 25ST Machine
  • Tube
  • Carry Case
  • Disposable Filter
  • User Manual(EN)
  • SD Memory Card
  • Power Supply
  • Ability to use with the PrismaAqua Humidifier (optional)
  • Prisma Hybernite heated circuit  (optional)

Technical specifications:

AC input  100-240V, 50-60Hz Class II
Modes  CPAP, APAP, S, autoS, autoS/T, S/T, T
BPM  0 up to 35
Pressure Level  4 cmH2O to 25 cmH2O
Dimensions  17cm x 13.5cm x 18cm
Sound  26.5
Supplement Oxygen  optional with oxygen side port adapter
FAA Approved Yes
Made By Löwenstein Medical, Germany

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