S.Box Auto CPAP,Sefam
S.Box by Starck Auto CPAP
S.Box Auto CPAP,Sefam
S.Box by Starck Auto CPAP
S.Box Auto CPAP,Sefam
S.Box Auto CPAP,Sefam

S.Box Auto CPAP

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The Sefam S.Box by Starck Auto CPAP is a state-of-the-art CPAP device designed to provide effective and personalized sleep therapy. Created in collaboration with renowned designer Philippe Starck, this CPAP machine combines advanced technology with an elegant design to enhance the user’s sleep experience.

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S.Box Heated Humidifier, Sefam

S.Box Heated Tube, Sefam

UK/IE Fused Power Socket

Universal UK/IE 13A (fused) to EU Schuko Power Adapter

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S.Box by Starck Auto CPAP, Sefam

The Sefam S.Box by Starck Auto CPAP combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design, offering users a comfortable, quiet, and effective sleep therapy experience. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality CPAP device with advanced features and modern aesthetics.

Sefam S.Box by Starck Auto CPAP, Product Features:

  • Auto CPAP Mode
  • Intelligent Start
  • iRamp
  • Wave And Go
  • Mask Fit And Go
  • CC+ Mode
  • Circuit Select
  • Mask Select
  • Adaptive Thermo Control*
  • Humid Control+ *

Auto CPAP Mode, The patented algorithm adjusts the pressure level automatically, reacting to all respiratory events, including flow limitations and snoring
Intelligent Start, The machine starts automatically upon breathing into the mask
iRamp, Intelligent Ramp: detects the moment when the patient is falling asleep, switching on the auto-CPAP mode
Wave And Go, A simple motion detection activates the screen, making it easy to access the machine’s menus during the night.
Mask Fit And Go, Easy check of the mask fit and leakage indication
CC+ Mode, CC+ mode is a new comfort mode offering 3 levels of comfort.
Circuit Select, S.Box automatically calculates and adapts to the resistance of the patient’s circuit regardless of its configuration (tube diameter and length and type of mask).
Mask Select, Calculates precisely the unintentional leak of any type of mask.
Adaptive Thermo Control,Using S.Box Heated Tube (optional), ATC function is the automatic heated tube setting with the humidifier
Humid Control+, Using S.Box Heated Humidifier (optional), enables humidification without condensation taking into account the ambient temperature as well as the average flow rate in the patient circuit

What is included:

  • Sefam S.Box Auto CPAP
  • S.Box Travel Bag
  • Machine Power supply
  • 15mm black air tube
  • User Manual (downloading available after purchase)

S.Box Auto CPAP Machine Technical Specs:

Modes: Auto CPAP, CPAP
Pressure range: 4 cmH2O to 20 cmH2O
Sound level: 26.6 dBA
Weight: 1,4 kg and 1,7kg with the humidifier
Dimensions: D x W x H: 24.5 x 14 x 11 cm (without humidifier)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

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