Terms and Conditions for subscription for AirView

Terms and Conditions for subscription for AirView

The following is a description of the terms on which CPAP store Ltd (hereafter “cpapmask”) offers its subscription services and allows access to and use of this website.

If you sign up for the cpapmask subscription service, you accept the Terms and conditions, limitations, and requirements.

Subscription AirView

The benefits of the cpapmask subscription service include:

  • Activate physician to have access to your data anytime
  • Follow up treatment from cpapmask using the actions group.
  • Adjust the settings of the device any time we have the request.
  • One per month report of sleep treatment with our technical approach.
  • Follow up issues during usage.

cpapmask reserves the right to change or modify the benefits of the subscription service at any time at its sole discretion. All changes to benefits will apply to future orders, including current subscriptions, upon written notice to you.

Membership Eligibility
Subscription services are only available to customers residing in Europehaving AirSense 10 or newer versions from CPAPmask.eu. Your participation in the subscription service is solely for you. Without authorization, you may not sell or transfer your subscription or any benefits to a third party. You must also have an account at cpapmask.eu to participate. cpapmask reserves the right to change the subscription service at any time

Automatic subscription renewal
You can manage or pause your subscription anytime from My Account > My Subscriptions. Your cpapmask subscription will continue to renew automatically until manually paused by your account. Your subscription may be temporarily paused if there is an insufficient inventory of merchandise to complete the subscription at the time of renewal or permanently terminated if a product/service included in the subscription is discontinued.

Subscription fees
The subscription fee (where applicable) will remain constant at the start of your subscription until it ends unless you subscribe to additional services.

Fee adjustments on renewal
After renewal, we may increase your charges to the current list price outlined in our Service. If you do not agree to this increase, you may pause your subscription before the start of the next renewal period, and your subscription will therefore be terminated.


Your subscription will automatically generate a new order according to the selected renewal plan until you stop the subscription.
Your subscription may be placed on hold if all eligible payment methods we have on file to pay for your subscription are declined. If you provide us with a new eligible payment method and are successfully charged, your new subscription period may change based on the date we receive the updated payment method. Visit your account to see the renewal dates for your subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription.
For pricing your order, the subscription price is calculated from when the order is created and will not be updated further after that time.
Unless you cancel or notify us before the renewal date that you intend to discontinue your subscription by writing to [email protected] you understand that the subscription will automatically continue. Orders will be created at each renewal period.


Refunds can be requested only at the end of each subscription period. To avoid auto-renewal, log in to your account and stop the auto-renewal subscription.

GDPR & AirView Subscription

Why we use your personal data
We process your personal data to manage your online subscription and the AirView registration from the cpapmask website (www.cpapmask.eu), processing our online services, communicating we you, generate reports from your machine and sending you notifications about it.
Your personal data is used for identification, for registration and for informational purposes only reasons by cpapmask or by the cooperating external partners.

What kind of personal data we process
We process the following categories of personal data concerning you:

  • contact details, such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number.
    information about the payment method (such as the payment method chosen, the date of the transaction and the amount of the transaction).
    information about the device like Serial Number and Device Number.
  • Gender
  • Day of Birth
  • Doctor or Physician
  • Information such as Social Security Number and Social Security Number.

Who has access to your personal data
Your personal data that are shared with third parties are used only for the provision of the above services to you. As a result, recipients of your personal data may be representatives of cpapmask, accountants/tax advisors and our ERP computerised, ResMed EPN Limited, CPAP STORE G.P.
In any case, only the data necessary for the provision by each cooperating service of the respective service for which the transfer is made shall be transmitted.
Some of the above companies may have an independent right or obligation to process your personal data. In this case, they shall act as the controller of the respective processing operation.

What is the legal basis for processing your personal data
The processing of your personal data is necessary for cpapmask to provide the services consisting in the management of AirView Platform.
How long we store your personal data
We will keep your personal data for 5 years from your last purchase. Or in case we have previously request for you of erasing of personal data.

What is AirView
ResMed AirView, a cloud-based, secured compliance platform and data exchanges to enable the display, exchange, and remote monitoring of therapy device(s), and include different service tiers outlined in Schedule 1, as provided by an Affiliate of ResMed to the Customer.


General Terms & Conditions

The following is a description of the terms on which cpapmask offers its subscription services and products.

General GDPR

The following is a description of the terms on which cpapmask offers its subscription for mask replacement.